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Watch Dogs long awaited debut

Watch Dogs
05/06/2014 | by Ross White | Tags: Xbox 360 Playstation 4 Xbox One Playstation 3 Windows Game Ubisoft
Today Watch Dogs debuted after a two years of waiting.
At glance it's easy to spot that game is missing some bits and bobs however it was worth to wait for.
PS4 Official TrailerThe Game has been released simultaneously for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows platforms. The interesting thing is that Ubisoft published game in 9 different editions and that including range of bonuses. If you fan of gadgets, you can pay extra pennies for Season Pass which gives you access to them. Also available from Steam for €19,99.
World premiere was long awaited. Ubisoft promised game with virtually limitless world and interaction. First reviews seems promising with score oscillating around 7-9/10. Which for the first product of that class isn't bad at all.
Watch Dogs reviewOf course developers will have a work to do with sequel but looking at graphics on the case seems promising. Watch Dogs will fill your time with fun, but some people might fill slightly disappointed after game preview. It appear that those been tweaked a bit to hot the atmosphere.In the end have a look at interesting clip Watch Dogs vs GTA IV (2008).Watch Dogs - Character Trailer
Watch Dogs Watch Dogs Watch Dogs
Source: Ubisoft


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Watch Dogs long awaited debut

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