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GoPro Hero+ LCD - new camera form San Mateo!

GoPro Hero+ LCD
GoPro extends its offer for a new Hero+ LCD. New product consists of a HD recording unit and for the very first time LCD screen.
As you can imagine GoPro Hero+ LCD received a water, dirt, snow and shock proof case. An intuitive touchscreen is very to use and gives advantage of shoot review straight away opposite to the old model that require download. New Full HD camera is mighty of doing 60 frames per second. That is a significant increase in (HD) speed comparing to the basic unit. Additionally all recordings are made with whooping 8 MP! Cherry on the pie is well known from previous model and ever-so-useful WIFI and Bluetooth connection.
Unfortunately there is still lack of advance options like time lapse (can't wait for that) or protune. Mentioning that both WIFI and Bluetooth can be used to control camera remotely, this comes in handy when shooting alone. Using smartphone or tablet movies can be uploaded to the social network website or anywhere else in the netAnother thing is that all that goodies has been packed on old battery. Because that functionality of that beauty decreased to only 2 hours of constant recording in Full HD. GoPro Hero+ LCD costs approx £200 - £250 depends on where you are looking.


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GoPro Hero+ LCD - new camera form San Mateo!

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