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EA Sports UFC Demo released

EA Sports UFC
05/06/2014 | by Ross White | Tags: Xbox 360 Playstation 4 EA Sports MMA UFC Demo EA Sports UFC
It seems that EA Sports UFC is going to be one of the most awaited games for high-end console of this year. Constantly growing popularity of MMA sports in connection with gaming industry guarantee long hours filled with adrenaline.
Electronic Arts did not disappoint at this time either and so far appear pretty confident when it comes to the future of gaming. For those who can't wait to put the hands on, Team from California has released demo for Xbox Live and Playstation Network.
In EA Sports UFC preview players can experience last September fight Jones vs Gustafsson. Game takes approx 2,8 GB which might seems a bit heavy just for one fight but that is because of improved textures and 3D rendering. Overall EA Sports UFC present itself pretty neat with exceptional graphics, action and brutality and if you are UFC Federation fan on top of that - that is the must-have game for you.      
Produced using full UFC license will have all fighters and octagons available. Game comes for sale on 20th June, so if you fancy give your mate a slap - lets get on!
EA Sports UFC EA Sports UFC EA Sports UFC
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EA Sports UFC Demo released

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